In any given academic year, Rotary sponsors a range of Youth Competitions dedicated to identifying and nurturing the incredible talent which our young people harbor. Neither you nor your child needs to have a prior affiliation with Rotary in order to take part!...


Paddington Rotary undertakes regular fundraising activites to support both local and international charities. In June 2011 we held a Summer Concert to raise funds and have since presented cheques to several worthwhile causes.


We have strong connections to local businesses, networking groups, and professional associations. In order to deepen these relationships in both directions, we have welcomed four Corporate Members into the Rotary Club of Paddington

About Us

Our History

At the end of 1923, two men active I Rotary, Mr. W L Threlfold (later a Sheriff of the City of London) and Arthur Barrett (Mayor of Paddington in 1942-44 and 1949-50) visited the Mayor of the Borough of Paddington, Alderman (later Sir Harold) Kenyon. As a result of this meeting the Rotary club of Paddington and St Marylebone was formed. The inaugural meeting took place on the 9th October 1924. The presentation of the Charter a little later, was described by Sir Harold, Founder President, as a “wonderful occasion and one long to be remembered by those who were privileged to be present”. Within its first year the membership rose to 49 members and amongst the many projects undertaken by those early founders was the Helping St Mary’s Hospital and the Paddington Tuberculosis Dispensary. In 1928, the Club generously helped the Lord Mayor’s Fund for Distressed Miners. Later, the Club supported the ‘Spend for Employment’ Campaign to aid full employment. The Club also gave prominence to International Service and Supported the League of Nations. In 1947, it was decided to split the Club in two. Paddington retained the Original Charter, and the first President of the Paddington Rotary Club was Sir Harold Kenyon. A new Rotary Club was formed in St. Marylebone. In 2015, Paddington Rotary Club continues to play an important role in the local community and district. Key achievements for our 90th birthday in 2014 include the welcome addition of two new Club members, and the Clubs’ first Corporate Membership , with three designated members.